About the Center for Endoscopic Craniosynostosis Surgery

Internationally-recognized pediatric neurosurgeon David F. Jimenez, M.D developed the Endoscopic-Assisted Craniectomy more than two decades ago. His goal was to decrease complications, surgical trauma and blood transfusions in children in need of treatment for craniosynostosis. In addition to being renowned surgeon, his a parent, and he knew he would not want his baby to have to undergo a major surgery for craniosynostosis if excellent results could be achieved in a less invasive way.

Dr. David Jimenez has performed this technique more than 500 times on babies as young as two weeks old. He takes great pride in sharing the stories of the children he has cared for who are now growing up to live healthy, normal lives.

Because of his strong belief that this less invasive approach is best for children with craniosynostosis, he has trained dozens of neurosurgeons and craniofacial teams from around the world in his surgical technique. While many of these surgeons have developed practices to make this procedure more readily available, Dr. Jimenez has performed more endoscopic-assisted craniectomies than any other surgeons worldwide.

Because of that expertise, parents from more than a dozen countries have traveled thousands of miles to bring their babies to University Health System in San Antonio, Texas to be cared for by Dr. Jimenez.