Different types of Craniosynostosis

Coronal Suture Craniosynostosis

Coronal Suture Synostosis affects the side of the skull where the forehead and the frontal lobe grow and expand forward. When this suture closes too early, the condition is known as anterior plagiocephaly (a merge from either the right or left side of the coronal suture that runs from ear to ear). With this type of craniosynostosis, the forehead is recessed and flattened, and the eye socket is elevated and tilted. You will also notice your baby’s eyes protruding, while the nose deviates to the opposite side. Your baby may want to tilt their head to the side in order to prevent seeing double - this is a major indicator of this type of craniosynostosis and a result of Coronal Suture Synostosis being untreated.