Cranial Helmet Therapy

We stand by our safe and reliable treatment, Cranial orthosis, or cranial molding therapy, in which a custom cranial helmet is worn to correct the condition. We strongly believe in educating our patients so you’re able to play an active role in choosing the best procedure(s) that will fit the needs of your baby. 

The cranial helmet guides and promotes growth to specific areas by applying gentle pressure to the skull. Helmets also inhibit growth in prominent areas. Adjustments are made to the helmet over time to allow for rapid brain and head growth. Cushioning is used to to prevent the infant head from further flattening when tilted or resting on a flat surface. Our helmets are custom made and easy to put on your baby. The helmet should not slip down over the eyes or rub the baby’s ears. Made of plastic and foam, allergies to the helmet are rare. 

Duration & Maintenance

We encourage you to start treatment as early as possible since the growth of the head slows down after the first 12 months after birth. The average craniosynostosis treatment typically lasts 12 months with careful and frequent monitoring. However, this time frame is dependent on the age of your baby and severity of craniosynostosis. It is important to clean the helmet when not in use. We recommend scrubbing the inside of the helmet with a soft toothbrush, along with the same shampoo or soap that is used when bathing your child. 

The Making of our Helmets

Your infant’s cranial helmet will be provided by the STAR Cranial Center of Excellence. The STAR Cranial Center of Excellence exclusively uses cranial helmets manufactured by Orthomerica Products, Inc, the largest, most trusted cranial remolding manufacturer in the world. Currently, Orthomerica is one of only two manufacturers that have FDA clearance to construct this apparatus. These highly specialized custom cranial helmets require multiple design options, clinical expertise, and technology in order to achieve optimal clinical outcomes for the safety of your baby. 

A Trusted, Safe Method

The custom post-operative cranial remolding orthosis (cranial helmet) is a Class II device regulated by the FDA, which requires stringent quality, safety, and labeling information. In June of 2009, Orthomerica Products, Inc was awarded FDA approval.

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